About Us

Hi my name is Bill Robinson. I have been a low voltage technician for over 30 years and a web site designer for 17 years. I created this website to combine both of these skills.

For Home Security System Users:
This website is to educate you on how to effectively use your home security system. If you have not yet purchased an alarm system please take a look through our material so that you can make a better decision with your purchase. It is unfortunate but over the years of being a technician I have seen more dishonesty in the security industry than in any other industry that I have worked in. I am providing this website to help you make the most of your hard-earned money and to be aware of what you should expect when you purchase an alarm system.

For Home Security Company Owners:

I have worked for several companies over the years. This includes the largest Security Company. I must say that I have seen the struggles that smaller shops face when trying to compete with the big boys. I have also seen that the smaller shops have higher integrity and provide better service than the others. They also have the burden of trying to compete with hordes of fly by night agencies that are only out to make a sale and sell off the account to one of the Big Boys.

For Home Alarm System Installers:

As an installer myself and a service manager I have dealt with business owners,technicians and customers. If you are working for one of the fly By Nights please beware. They will have you work as an 1099 employee but treat you as an employee which effectively robs you off compensation that you are entitled to and it is illegal for them to withhold. Make sure you do your due diligence before working in the employ of the wrong people.

Our Mission Statement:

It is our goal with this website to educate consumers and alarm system installers about home security systems and to provide consumers with access to reputable alarm system companies. We are forming a network of alarm companies across the country that meet our high expectations so that you, the consumer can rely on the home security company that you choose.

Check out our ever growing list of Home Security Installation Companies from across the United States.


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