Red Bluff Home Security Systems

Security Masters provides Red Bluff Home Security Systems

Other alarm companies expect you to fit into their way of building you a security system. At Security Masters we build your system around what you want. No other alarm company offers the options for your Red Bluff home security systems like Security Masters.

We use the power of 3 to give you unprecedented options.

  • 3 options for Installation
  • 3 options for monitoring
  • 3 options for payments

Look around at our competitors and you will see that they are doing business as usual. We are offering a plan that will fit anyone and everyone.

Red Bluff Home Security Systems Installation Options

  1. Do It Yourself Installation and you program it yourself
  2. Professional Installation – We do it all
  3. Do It Yourself Installation with Professional Programming

Red Bluff Home Security Systems Monitoring Options

  1. Local Only
  2. Self Monitoring
  3. Central Station Monitoring

Red Bluff Home Security Systems Payment OptionsFull Payment

  1. Payment using PayPal with up to 6 months to pay
  2. Fully Funded

3 Options for Home Security Installation

Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Security Installation and you program the control panel

Our installation options are unmatched! With the new wireless technology it is extremely easy to install your own alarm system. It can even be fun getting to know your new alarm system and how it works. The most difficult part of installing a new system is the programming but we have an option for that.

Professional Red Bluff Home Security Systems Installation

If you are anywhere in Glenn County, Shasta County, Siskiyou County, Tehama County I will come and install the system for you and provide complete training so you understand every facet of your new system.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Security Installation and we do the Programming

The programming of your home security system is by far the most critical and the easiest part of a home security system to make a mistake. This is why we offer to send you a completely programmed panel and you install the alarm sensors for your new system.

Red Bluff Home Security3 Options for Home Security Monitoring

Your new home security system has three different options for monitoring. If you have talked with an alarm company before you probably thought there was only one option. This is the option where you pay for a monthly service. I highly recommend this option because it does give you the best protection but there are many reasons why you may not want this option.

Local Only Monitoring for your Home Security System

If your alarm system is local only then this means that it actually has no monitoring. If the alarm system is triggered then it will ring a local siren and that is all. The system is not connected to any outside communications so it cannot inform anyone about the intrusion.

Self Monitoring for your Home Security System

With the addition of cellular service as an option for an alarm system communication method you can now have a new option for monitoring your system. In the traditional home security system your alarm panel would have been connected to a phone line and the panel would call a number which was connected to the central station. If your home had an intruder then the central station dispatcher would call the police or fire department or whatever emergency personnel are required for your situation. We can now offer what we call self monitoring. Your alarm panel is connected remotely using a cellular service and it communications information to is basically an interface between your alarm panel and usually the Central Station. You can now choose to only have the interface between you and the alarm panel. This puts you in control and contact with your alarm system. Keep in mind that the system will not forward any alarms to anyone other than you so the police will not automatically be dispatched. This option saves you money by paying a smaller monthly amount for monitoring service.

Central Station Monitoring for your Home Security System

This type of monitoring is by far the best since your home is always being monitored 24/7 whether you are home or gone on vacation. Many people feel that is an unneeded expense because the police do not respond fast enough to actually catch an intruder. This may or may not be true and certainly not in all cases. You must keep in mind that the system can also be monitored for fire alarm and the fire department can be dispatched. The alarm system can also be used as a panic alarm in case someone is trapped in the house with an intruder. These are just some things to consider when making your selection but at Security Masters it is always your option to choose.

3 Options for Home Security Purchase

The purchase of an alarm system can be expensive. As I often say everyone loves a lot of windows until the alarm guy shows up. In order to have the best protection every opening into your house should have a sensor installed. Typically that can be expensive and some people opt for less protection. Although I do agree that basic protection is better than none at Security Masters we provide multiple options to get you the Home Security System that you deserve.

Full Payment for your Red Bluff Home Security Systems

Of course the simple way to pay is to just pay for your system completely and you own the system right away. All of our payments are processed using the most popular online payment system which is PayPal. Why do we use PayPal?

PayPal allows us to save you a lot of money on your monitoring service each and every month. You see many alarm companies have people back in the office that are hand processing your invoices each and every month which adds an enormous expense to the monitoring service. We figure that you would like to have the payment automated and save money each and every month.

When you decide to make the purchase you will go online and process your payment using PayPal’s secure servers and this saves you money. If you choose to have self or central station monitoring you will set this up there also. This way Security Masters does not need extra personnel to process payments.

Red Bluff Home Security



Payment using PayPal with up to 6 months to pay for your Red Bluff Home Security Systems

Since we use PayPal for our payment you have the option of taking up to 6 months to pay. If you want to get complete protection for your home it can go beyond your budget which means that you may be under protected. By using this option you can get all the coverage you need and spread out the payments.

Fully Funded Red Bluff Home Security Systems

In today’s world of security many people are using this option and they don’t even know it. When you use this option you are getting some “free” equipment to sign up with a 2 or 3 year contract.

How does funding your Red Bluff Home Security Systems work?

With this type of option Security Masters will sell the system to you and also do the installation. The contract is between you and Monitronics. Security Masters will continue to maintain your security system through Monitronics. Since the contract is sold off Security Masters can offer to provide some free security equipment to you. Monitronics is a well known security company with a great reputation.Red Bluff Home Security

The old days of being at the mercy of alarm companies are over. There have been multiple options available for some time now but alarm companies only want to give you the ones that give them the most profit. See why Security Masters is different.