2Gig Super Switch

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The super switch is designed to actually take over the existing zones of a 12 volt security system. The device turns existing hard wired zones into supervised wireless zones. It is installed at the old control panel location on the outside of the box. The hardwired zones are connected to the super switch. This allows you to easily upgrade your existing security panel and save some money on zones. Most basic security panels are 6-8 zones so the device easily accommodates your older panel. If you have a larger hard wired system you can add additional switches. The switch is also designed to monitor the power and battery of the existing panel. This device is not battery operated since it is normally connected to the old panel. If you do not have a working panel you can connect a power supply and still use the switch.

Upgrading your Home Security Panel

Even security panels become outdated and do not work as well as they did when they were new. If you have an older system it is most likely a hard wired system. A hard wired system has wire run to each and every door and window. There is also wire run to motion detectors if you have them. You can easily upgrade to a new hard wired control panel and just completely replace the can and motherboard. A hard wired panel does not have the versatility that a new wireless panel has. You may not think at the time of upgrade that you need all of those extra features but if you ever change your mind then you will need to go through the expense of upgrading again. You could easily upgrade to a wireless control panel such as the 2Gig GoControl panel and just keep the existing zones that you already have. At a minimum this would give you the capability to arm and disarm your panel remotely with the use of a keyfob. Older panels that are not wireless do not have the capability to use a keyfob. If in the future you want to add new devices and have better coverage you can easily add the home security devices to your new panel with ease.

Specifications of the 2Gig Super Switch

  • Model Number 2Gig-TAKE-345
  • Converts hardwired zones to a hybrid hard wired/wireless zone
  • Converts up to 8 wired zones
  • Integrates with existing 12 volt panels
  • Can be used independently with a 12 volt power supply
  • 24 hour battery backup utilizing existing control panel
  • Has a 350 foot range to the GoContol panel
  • Monitors for Fault, Tamper, Restore and Low Battery conditions
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