2gig how to videos-Arming in Stay Mode

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Watch the video below to see how easy it is to Arm the System in Stay Mode.

2gig how to videos – Stay Mode

Stay Mode is for arming the system when people are staying on the premises. Stay Mode arms the sensor-protected perimeter doors and windows while not arming the interior motion sensors or other interior doors. This allows the premises to be occupied while the system is partially armed.Stay Mode is used mostly for arming the system during the evening hours after everyone is inside and no one is expected to enter or leave.

When the system is armed in Stay Mode, you can move about the premises without triggering the burglary alarm. All the interior burglary protection is off. But, if a sensor protected perimeter door or window is opened, an alarm occurs.

Entry Delay in Stay Mode
Certain sensors, such as a door, can be setup by your installer to have a delay before triggering an alarm. This provides a way for an authorized person returning to enter using a predetermined door and disarm the system before an alarm is triggered. When arming the system in Stay Mode, an Entry Delay option check box is shown on the Control Panel’s Arming Screen.Normally this option check box is checked, so the programmed delay doors allow time for disarming the system after the door is opened. Un-checking this option box removes the delayed alarm trigger from all sensor-protected doors programmed for delay, causing those entrances to instantly trigger the alarm if they are opened in Stay

Quick Exit in Stay Mode

A programmable option, called Quick Exit may be displayed on the Security Screen while the system is armed in the Stay Mode. Pressing the Quick Exit button starts a timer to allow someone to exit or enter through a sensor-protected door programmed for delay without having to disarm the entire system. When the delay timer runs out, the system returns to the normal Stay Mode. The Quick Exit option can be turned on or off by your installer.

Silent Control in Stay Mode

Three options for silencing the beeps and announcements are available when arming or disarming the system in Stay Mode.On the Control Panel’s Home and Security Screens, a Silent Control button is displayed.On the Arming Screen, a Silent Exit check box is displayed.On the Exit Delay Screen, a Silence button is displayed. Selecting any of these options silences the Control Panel beeps and announcements, and when arming, selecting the option doubles the length of the Exit Delay.

Arming to Stay Mode

Use Stay Mode to arm the system when anyone is at home. Stay Mode normally has an Entry Delay so a user with a User Code can re-enter without causing an alarm.

1 Close all protected perimeter doors and windows before arming.
2 Verify that the button on the Control Panel is lit green indicating that the
system is ready to arm. The Security button and Arm button on the display is
green when all sensors are closed.

NOTE: If you desire to arm the system quietly without sounding any announcements, press the button before performing the next steps:

From the Arming Screen, select the Silent Exit check box.
During exit delay press Silence.

3 From the Security Screen, or the Menu Screen, press Arm.If there are any open perimeter door or window sensors, the Bypass Screen appears. Close all the sensors displayed or press Bypass All to force bypass the displayed sensors.

NOTE: Bypassed sensors do not trigger an alarm. (To bypass sensors, enter a User
Code unless the installer has set the system for Quick Bypass).

4 On the Arming Screen, use the Entry Delay check box option in Stay Mode.
If no one is expected to re-enter, the system can be armed without an Entry Delay. All perimeter doors will trigger the alarm instantly. To arm with all exit/entry perimeter doors as instant, uncheck the Entry Delay option button.

5 Press Stay to arm the system.NOTE: To arm the system, you may need to enter a User Code if your installer has turned off the system’s Quick Arming feature.

6 The system will arm and shows the Exit Delay counting down. When the Exit Delay expires, the system is fully armed in the Stay Mode.

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