2gig-Setting the Date and Time

When the 2GIG Security panel is connected to a cellular monitoring service the date and time is automatically set and updated. If you are using the panel as a stand alone panel then you will have to set the time manually. Watch this video to learn how to set your date and time.

You should […]

2gig how to videos-Creating Rules

Scenes & Rules

Triggering Devices from Events A Scene can be run on its own, or Rules can be assigned to trigger a Scene after a Control Panel event such as arming your system or when an alarm occurs.

? NOTE: Rules are normally run locally using the Control Panel, your installer may have […]

2gig how to videos-Arming in Stay Mode

2Gig is by far the most advanced Security and Home Automation panel in the industry. If you don’t have 2gig then you have second best! Watch the video below to see how easy it is to Arm the System in Stay Mode.

2gig how to videos – Stay Mode

Stay Mode is for arming […]