Why Use 2GIG Security Systems

Sacramento Home Security Systems

Why 2GIG Security Systems?

2GIG is the #1 installed base for home and security systems anywhere. 2GIG changed the entire residential market with the introduction of the color touchscreen panel. Everyone else followed.

The new larger GC3 panel sets a new standard in the industry.


Security System Customers Demand More

Consumers want more […]

Alarm.com Interactive Home Security

Alarm.com is the perfect match for your Home Security System. When the 2GIG GoControl System is used with alarm.com you get complete control of your home.

Alarm.com Interactive Home Security

Wireless Signaling System is not vulnerable to phone line cuts. System still functions properly if cell phones or Voice-Over-IP are used as primary home […]

Video Verification with 2GIG Image Sensor

Video Verification is now available for the 2GIG GoControl panel by using the Image sensor from alarm.com. This new motion detector provide traditional motion sensor along with a built-in camera. The sensor will automatically send you a picture whenever the sensor is tripped as long as the system is armed. You can also setup schedules […]

Can Your Alarm System Feed The Cat?

The 2GIG GoControl System can be expanded to places you have not even thought of yet. It is already the best alarm system available and with some imagination it can really enhance your life in ways you never thought about.

Quality Alarm Systems

Installs Quality Products

Last but certainly not least a security company needs to install quality security systems. Most of the security companies that I have worked for or worked with install quality products. This does not mean that they are all the same. The basic function of any security system is to detect an unwanted […]

Your Alarm Installation Company

Your Alarm Installation Company

As a salesperson I can recommend and sell you the best of the best but without the proper support from the company that installs it can be no less than a nightmare for you. The installation needs to be one that you can trust. You deserve to have a security system […]

Who is Bill Robinson-Alarm System Sales

Hi my name is Bill Robinson and today we are going to talk about the protection of your home and family. Everyone knows that crime is a problem and during these economic times burglaries are on the rise. The best way to protect your home is to install a monitored alarm system for your home.


Sacramento Home Security

Sacramento Home Security

If you are looking for a new security system in Sacramento,Ca or you want to upgrade your existing system then you are in the right place. At CPP Alarm and Video you have the reputation of a 33 year old company and the power of a 2GIG GoControl System. Just watch the […]

DIY Security Installation

What does a Security Installation consist of?

Many consumers out there are attempting to tackle a wide variety of home improvement projects. With today‚Äôs new technologies this is much easier to do. As a Do It Yourselfer you need to consider what the project is and what the percentage of success is. You need to […]

Home Security for seniors

Help for Living Alone

Home Security is much more complicated than just locking your doors at night before you go to bed. Unfortunately when society should be taking care of their elderly there is an element of society that preys on them. This is why it is so important to take the extra precautions when […]