2Gig Glass Break Detector

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2Gig Glass Break Detector


A glass break detector is used for home or business security to monitor large panes of glass. Most large windows do not open but this makes them prime targets for thieves. Intruders can hurl a brick or rock through the window to gain access. Since these areas are not protected by a window contact the intruder may be undetected.

A glass break detector uses a microphone to detect frequencies in the range of glass breaking. When the detector hears the glass break it triggers an alarm on your security system. These devices are typically a 24 hour device. This means that the glass is always being monitored for breakage. A glass break detector will trigger an alarm in both away and stay modes of operation.

Uses of a Glass Break Detector

This type of detector can be used to monitor several windows at once. As long as there is a line of site to the windows so the sound of breaking glass is not impeded. If you have a room with multiple windows it can be used to save money by using fewer devices. Many alarm installers are advocates of using a glass break detector instead of window contacts to save money. Each case must be considered separately. If you only use a glass break detector and an intruder pry’s your window open then the glass break detector will not trigger an alarm. The most important part of a home security system is the perimeter of your home. This is where you want to stop a thief. If an intruder triggers your alarm while they are still outside the burglar will most likely run away rather than continue to the inside of your home. Once they gain entry to the inside of your home there will most likely be damage done or items stolen.

Installation of Glass Break Detectors

The glass break detector is typically mounted opposite to the window that is to be protected or on the adjacent wall. It should be in a location that is unimpeded so that the sound of the breaking glass can be easily detected. The device is usually mounted on a ceiling but can be located on the wall. The glass window to be monitored must be framed into the wall and be no smaller than 11×11 inches.

The 2Gig-GB1 glass detector can be used to monitor glass with a minimum thickness of one quarter inch to one quarter inch for plate glass and tempered glass. The sensor will operate up to 15 feet from the glass. The device can be located up to 300 feet from the 2gig GoControl panel.

Testing of Glass Break Sensors

As with all home security devices you must test the device after installation. A glass break detector is a bit more difficult to test because you cannot break the windows in your home to test the device. This is where you should use a glass break simulator to test your glass break device. The 2gig-gb1 detector has a built in RF test to make sure that the control panel can detect an alarm.

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