2G Sunset – What it means to Your Security System Monitoring

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Your Security System Monitoring

Cellular carriers have announce that they intend to shut down their Second Generation(2G) wireless networks and the plans to do this are scheduled to be complete by the end of 2016. This will happen in no particular order around the country. If you had your alarm system setup with cellular service early on then you will probably be affected. If you have not upgraded your older GSM cellular unit then your alarm will not be able to communicate an alarm to the Central Station. You will also lose the ability to remotely interact with your alarm system.

Why is 2G being shut down?

The cellular networks use has rapidly increased as more people are using smart phones and this has put a strain on the older technology 2G network. Most carriers have decided to reallocate their resources to upgrading to faster networks that will drastically increase speed and capacity. The best way to avoid service interruptions is to upgrade your security system cellular unit. In most but not all cases you can have a new GSM cellular unit installed and it will work with your existing alarm control panel. Depending on the age of your alarm system you may need to upgrade the panel also.

If this happens to you then it may be tome to call Security Masters to discuss low cost options on how to upgrade your security system.

Security System Monitoring

2G Sunset is coming fast








 What happens if you wait?

If you wait too long to upgrade your alarm System cellular unit then it will stop communicating with the Central Station. All communication between you and your smart phone will also stop working. The new 2GIG GC3 control panel has been reconfigured to allow a user to swap out the cellular card so that as technology evolves you will be able to easily upgrade your control panel at a minimal amount of cost.

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